Du bist die Ruh

And back to Schubert, king of the art song. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be working on Schubert’s Du bist die Ruh.

Another nice challenge.


Der Tod und das Mädchen

Although it’s probably every singer’s dream to sing Schubert’s Erlkönig, my voice isn’t nearly ready for that yet.

However, my singing teacher did think I was ready to sing “Der Tod und das Mädchen” which has quite a few things in common with Erlkönig. Same composer, same style, same theme and the singer has to portray more than one character, and has to do so skillfully and believably.

This was a challenge I couldn’t possibly pass up. It wasn’t easy, but it was great. I especially liked singing the role of der Tod. A bit of morbid fun has never been wasted on me.


As I was a tenor now, I delved up my copy of Unterrichtslieder from which I used to sing as a soprano, and decided I’d sing Frühlingslied D 398, by Franz Schubert. Die luft ist blau das tal ist grün

Then my voice deepened into the baritone range and as I had no sheet music for this Lied for middle or low voice, I moved on.

But listening to Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau singing it makes me want to acquire the sheet music for this song in middle or low setting.

Singer sings again

After a hiatus of some twenty years, this singer decided to take up singing again. He found a singing teacher and soon was enjoying his singing lessons more than ever before.

This blog is his singing diary. Here, he’ll post videos of the art songs, arias and other songs he’s learning. For his own convenience. But if you enjoy bel canto, you’re cordially invited to read and listen along.

Let the music start.