After a hiatus of some twenty years, Singer decided to take up singing again.

Many things have changed since Singer had his first singing lessons. Back in those days, Singer was a young, untrained soprano. Everyone loved his voice. Everyone, except Singer himself. He wanted to sing bass.

YouTube didn’t exist yet, and in fact, Singer had never even seen a computer. What he did have, was an old piano and a strong desire to learn.

Then life happened and Singer stopped singing, but his love for music and his desire to sing remained, and so Singer started taking singing lessons again. He still had a high voice, and sang counter tenor.

As his medical treatment advanced, his vocal chords finally began to lengthen and thicken and gradually his voice deepened. Now he’s most comfortable singing baritone.

His voice sounds as untrained as when he first started singing, and to make things even more interesting, it cracks and breaks and there’s days when it’s impossible to sing at all, but that’s only a temporary thing.

Though he doesn’t know what his voice type will be, he’s now confident he’ll have a voice that he can love. A voice that suits him.